Mini Zoltar Fortune Teller

I've found that over the years, some of my larger builds, especially the ones that contain electronics, don't survive the winter months being stored in a cold garage. I've recently started to fire up my cabinets again after the winter, thes include my large Gameboy, the Crazy Taxi arcade stand and my Zoltar cabinet.

The large Gamboy build hasn't made it and I'm working through the issue in the hope that I can get it up and running soon. It also looked like my Zoltar cabinet suffered the same fate but after looking at the (awful) wiring, I found there were a couple of loose connections. The Crazy Taxi arcade stand worked first time. It all runs off an old PS2 console and they're built like bricks.

I'm very fond of my Zoltar cabinet and really proud at how the two of use have been to events, telling people's fortunes but also he's been educating people and children on creative coding, which I love. My favourite fortune teller is getting tired and if I'm honest, he is a little on the large size to transport, so I'm starting to put together a smaller fortune teller that I can still take to events and teach people how to code. It's taken a few weeks to plan and put together a prototype, but the Mini Zoltar Machine is coming along rather nicely.


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