Southampton Comic Con

It has always been a wish of mine to make something that's good enough to exhibit and today my Zoltar fortune teller cabinet was shown off to the public at the Southampton Comic Con.

Hello to all the lovely people who stopped to chat and have their questions answered by the man Zoltar himself!

If you would like to see how my fortune teller cabinet was made, I've been documenting the steps here in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and the final finish.

As this particular comic con had a strong Back to the Future theme, I was in my element, especially seeing as though there were high calibre guests including Bob Gale and Claudia Wells who I was able to met and have a brief chat with.

My son Charlie also came along to help and he did a great job of demonstrating the cabinet to passers by,

I met so many interesting people today, some of whom were able to offer some really useful suggestions about how to upgrade Zoltar to make him bigger and better. At the end of the day I just love to talk through a creative process with new people and I really enjoy listening to how others made their costumes and working props too. It's all about sharing ideas and helping one another at the end of the day.

It has been suggested that Zoltar makes a couple more appearances later this year but he'll need to be patched up before then, and I'm in real needs of a cup of tea and a sit down.


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