Building a Zoltar Fortune Teller Cabinet: Part Three

The task of building a coin-operated Zoltar fortune teller cabinet definitely feels like it's turned a corner, now that a proper torso has been found and I've made a start on painting the cabinet. Here's an update video of the coin operated Zoltar in action, I've also provided a little walkthrough too, explaining how it's all put together. Don't forget to make a wish!

The next step is to have the cabinet dispense fortune telling cards, just like you see with similar cabinets out in the wild. This is a problem I have yet to solve with the use of a Microbit but I have purchased a pack of Zoltar cards in preparation. I am also experimenting with a mini thermal printer to do the job also, having it print your fortune on paper similar to a receipt you get when you shop.

I would also love it if the cabinet was painted in a carnival style, using those decorative fonts and colours to really make it stand out. 

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