Global Game Jam 2023

I have missed making games, so when I learnt that the Global Game Jam was coming around again, I wanted to get involved. This is a 48 hour challenge that's held worldwide to encourage game makers to collaborate, build and present a game over a weekend. There are venues hosting events all over the place, including one of my favourite places in Cardiff, The Arcade Vaults, so I signed up and waited for the theme of the challenge to be announced on Friday.

I hadn't visited the Vaults since the Sega game jam last year (read about my entry here), so it was really nice to meet a few familiar faces from that event as well as new ones too. This is how my 48 hours turned out in the video below.

You can play my game Rooots here.

Although Cardiff was a little bit of a trek, I feel that it's important to support events and venues like this. I have always enjoyed and felt very welcomed when getting involved with the game dev community online but magic really starts to happen when people meet face to face.


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