My Podcast of Creativity

I've been wanting to put together a podcast for some time now, learning what it takes to plan, record and edit episode in order to learn a few new skills. As I'm on a game dev mission for 2021, it makes a great deal of sense to base my podcast's content on next year's adventures.

A few months ago I built a simple recording rig that I can carry around and unpack whenever I wanted to record, stream or even broadcast with the help of my modified FM transmitter. I wanted to explore the uses of everyday space and how people form their own spaces in which to create in.

A combination of game development topics and exploring other people's creative spaces would make interesting content for a podcast and seeing as though I intend to get people talking about their workspaces, it seemed only fair that I talk about mine that I recently built. You can hear the recording below.

It turns out that talking and playing on the arcade cabinet is really rather difficult. Listening back to the recording, it's rough, very rough but every project must start somewhere. I think so many people these days get put off experimenting with new things as they're always comparing themselves to others, myself included. So it's important for me to give things ago, step outside the comfort zone and talk through my first episode of my Finding Space podcast.


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