My Game Boy Game's Journey

My game, Squirrel Falls is finally over the finishing line! It's been hard, if I'm honest. Hard because, like with any project, the novelty and excitement of starting it soon disappears when the real work and the tedious task of producing documentation begins, and it was the same in this case. 

Sourcing artwork for the game box and documentation was equally frustrating. My drawing skills aren't up to it, so I set about asking friends but sadly no joy. I contacted the local schools and colleges too but nothing. In the end I had to check with my publisher that it was OK to use AI to generate all the artwork. They were fine with it and so I used Midjourney to help me. It took a while to practice writing the prompts to get somewhere close to what I was after but I'm really happy with the results. Some of the artwork can be found on the game's page here.

I really want to thank everyone who took the time to repeatedly test the versions of the game as it evolved and provided valuable feedback via the game's testing and feedback page.


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