Starting Out In Amateur Radio

WebSDR (Web Software Defined Radio) introduces a revolutionary way for individuals to explore radio frequency spectrums globally through a web browser interface. It offers an accessible platform for anyone interested in tuning into various frequencies, from amateur radio bands to shortwave broadcasts and beyond, without requiring specialized hardware. Users can remotely control receivers located worldwide, adjusting frequencies, modes, and bandwidth settings to listen to distant stations, monitor propagation conditions, or delve into the intricate world of radio communications. 

You can access Hackgreen's WebSdr here:

The Jodrell WebSdr can be accessed here:

HamSphere 5 stands as an innovative virtual amateur radio communication platform, simulating real-world HF (High Frequency) radio operations through an online environment. It offers a unique digital experience, allowing enthusiasts to operate virtual transceivers, communicate with fellow "operators" worldwide, and engage in simulated radio contacts across diverse bands and modes. HamSphere 5 replicates the essence of traditional amateur radio, enabling users to exchange messages, participate in contests, and experience the thrill of DX (long-distance) communication.

Click here to visit the Hamsphere website:



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