Squirrel Falls Devlog Update

I've been putting in the hours with regards to bug fixing and polishing my Game Boy game, Squirrel Falls. I came up with the idea of handing out a version of the game to my pupils as I know they wouldn't hold back with regards to their feedback. I've been reading up on the whole feedback process and there seems to be a common theme developing recently. That is, that people testing and playing the games don't want to hurt the developer's feelings and so are selective on what feedback they provide. This results in the quality and standard of games dropping.

As I thought, my pupils were honest, really honest. They did actually pick up on a couple of issues that I'd overlooked and so more time and effort has been spent ironing out the issues. I'm really happy with the current version and I've recorded a bit of gameplay, stepping through the major changes.

It's now a case of adding in little extras. As I would like the player to explore the map more and the objects and people within it, I'll be adding more interactive elements, such as household objects for the play to stumble on. I rather like the idea of incorporating riddles, that once solved, will guide the player through the game.

Look! I'm even starting to put together a pull-out map of Squirrel Falls. When I look at the completed map, I feel rather pleased that I was able to create such a large and varied map, all within the constraints of working with the Game Boy. You can explore all the buildings, interact with the villagers and wildlife, earn money through doing jobs, go for a swim, explore the islands and even pilot an abandoned submarine.


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