NFC Graffiti Sticker Prototype

After a recent trip to Berlin, I was really impressed with the graffiti and the love the city has with stickers. Both were everywhere, some political, some just purely vandalism, but most were arty and for fun.

I have also acquired a collection of NFC tags that I would like to pay around with and put together a little art project. After a little thought, and inspired by my trip to Berlin, the interactive graffiti sticker was born. The idea is that once you've designed your sticker, you slip an NFC tag behind it. The tag can then be programmed with a message, or even a website, when read by a mobile phone. Testing these stickers have been a lot of fun and I'm getting better at drawing graffiti lettering.

They've been so much fin that I've put together little graffiti sticker kits to sell over on that auction site. CLICK HERE to take a look and get NFC stickering too!


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