Squirrel Falls Devlog: Part 1

Over the summer months I decided to really get to grips with developing a Game Boy game using GB Studio. I have previously given this engine a go but without proper focus, I didn't really pursue it any further than just learning the basics.

I entered the GB Compo 2023 game jam in order for me to have something to aim for, luckily this jam lasted pretty much the whole of the summer, so seemed perfect for what I wanted. The resulting game was Squirrel Falls, a game inspired by Animal Crossing, where you play a parcel courier. Thoughout the game, a dark story begins to unfold that eventually sees you fighting for survival as you attempt to escape the town.

At the time of writing, the results of that competition haven't been released but while I wait, I'm in the process of developing the game further and already there has been so much progress made. I also have signed the game to Bitmap Soft, a retro games distributor who are going to help get the game to market, which is incredibly exciting.

There's plans to also put together a little video devlog series, to help generate interest in the game but also to explain how the problems I faced using GB Studio were overcome. The first devlog is below.


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