Starting a Side Hustle Business with £80.16 and ChatGPT - Part 2

It has been a difficult time for this ChatGPT business project but such a lot of progress has now been made. The AI came up with a great plan to monetise the digital display downloads, and that was to get customers to purchase activation keys that remain active for a limited period of time. I set about implementing this functionality but found it really hard to get correct as there were two systems that needed to be in sync in order for this to work: The payment system in order to issue the customer with their daily activation key after payment and the downloaded content that has to check that the key is correct. ChatGPT came very close to the mark but didn't write its code completely correct but that might be down to me not prompting it sufficiently enough to get an accurate result out of it.

After questioning ChatGPT about this problem more, we worked together to produce a key generation system that would take the purchase day's number in the year and joins it to serial numbers that relates to the specific asset that's been downloaded.

Finally I wanted to add a checksum number at the end of the activation key to help prevent people to trying to spoof the system and making the activation key algorithm more secure in the process. It soon became apparent that this adds a whole new layer of complexity to both systems but I have ChatGPT's help and I'll park this for a while before looking at it again. What I have in place currently works, and if it isn't broken...

Now the framework is in place and is (sort of) working as (ChatGPT) intended, it's time to start designing content for the website. Keeping it simple, I wanted to put together something fun and decided to make a virtual interactive fortune teller. I previously built a full-size Zoltar fortune teller machine and I've always wanted to make a virtual version, so this seems like the perfect opportunity. You can see the result in the video earlier in this post.

After domain purchase and buying the display stand currently puts the remaining budget at £58.22.


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