Starting a Side Hustle Business with £80.16 and ChatGPT - Part 1

The really good news is that one of my games has recently passed the $100 mark and at the time of writing, this equates to £80.16. I'm going to use this money in a little experiment - Can I set up a little side hustle business with just $100 and have ChatGPT guide me in what to do? I'm going to follow ChatGPT's suggestions to see where it leads me and more details can be found in the video below, including the all important business plan.

I first started by asking it the question: 

"I have $100 and would like to start a creative business. I am interested in game design, animation and comic cons. Do you have any suggestion for a side hustle business?"

The suggestion of selling digital assets was an interesting one, and combined with the comic con booth idea, I thought these suggestions got me off to a strong start. Wanting to explore the idea of stalls further, I refined the request slightly by adding in the point that I would like the business to help stall holders at comic cons:

"Do you have any side hustle business suggestions that would help promote someone's stall at a comic con?"

Now we're getting somewhere. I love the idea of producing animations and other digital assets to help promote stall holders at comic cons. Having visited many events over the years, there are still stalls with very little in the form of visuals and as a result, these stalls don't get many visitors. What if the side hustle could concentrate on providing these stall holders with eye-catching interactive visuals that could run from a tablet or screen to grab people's attention as the pass by their stand. Perfect!

Having got the idea for the business, a name is needed. So back the ChatGPT.

"I like the idea of a business that sells digital marketing banners to stall holders at comic cons. Can you offer some suggestions for a business name?"

There were some OK suggestions but the one that stood out was Pop Culture Promo, so let's go with that.

Now comes the difficult part, putting together a business model. I started quizzing ChatGPT with the best way to do this and after a few queries the AI suggested a means for stall holders to purchase temporary keys to activate the digital promotional material once the stall holders have downloaded and installed their chosen asset. It went on to suggest that the licence keys should expire after a weeks as typically comic con events are on average four of five days in length. I think this is a great idea and one that will definitely require ChatGPT's help further down the line to implement. 

I still have the basics to cover at the moment, so my next step after getting the name for the business was to get a logo. Let's ask ChatGPT for help.

These are so good. I particularly liked the idea of having a logo with a retro feel based around the cassette tape. All in all, I think this has been a successful start to this little experiment of mine, The business idea that's been suggested is a really interesting one and the ability to come up with suitable business names and logo ideas for what's been previously discussed is a real game changer for sure.

I finish this stage of the experiment with a finished logo and a domain purchased. This takes my budget to  £72.97.


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