Cyberdeck Build

I've been stuck for inspiration for a while now, and it's something that I'm becoming more conscious of every time I have spare workshop time. In a bid to combat this issue of mine I went on the hunt for challenges and came across Hackaday's Cyberdeck build challenge for 2022. This challenge really appealed to me and I could instant see how I could repurpose old pieces lying around the workshop. combining them to produce a one of a kind cyberdeck build.

Running the whole thing is a Raspberry Pi hooked into speakers and screen. The housing for it built around all the components and comprise of wood panels and 3d printed brackets.

This is my entry and it was a real labour of love. As every submitted project has to have a name when submitting to the competition, I had to quickly think on the fly and came up with Battle Station 7. 

I posted updates on the Reddit's Cyberdeck sub and it was really we met, even my older prototypes too that didn't make the cut. Interestingly, the most asked question was around the screen that is part of an old Auritone 5.5 inch tv set that was rescued from the rubbish. Amazingly too it got featured on Hakaday's front page. This probably just shows the recently submitted entries but I'll still take it.

Originally I want my cyberdeck to fit into a case to make it truly portable but I discovered that you instantly limit yourself in terms of available space when trying to squeeze a build into a pre-existing house. I am getting better at working out when to cut my loses and this was a prime example. I decided to scrap the case idea and when with building a bespoke housing around all the components, with the finished build being what you see above. 


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