Zoltar Cabinet Update

 Ever since I've been posting updates about my Zoltar cabinet build, interest from people has been steadily growing. There is an opportunity this summer for Zoltar to venture out in public and bring his wise words of wisdom to the masses.

Despite weighing a ton, Zoltar is actually really rather delicate and so if he is to be used by members of the public, he needs a complete overhaul to make him more robust and safe. I also took the decision to make his cabinet modular in order to make transporting him easier. This was my original intention at the start but I took a short cut and now having to backtrack on that decision.

Have a watch of the video below to see the process I took.

The bottom half collects the money. I actually forgot how much of a bodge job I did on the wiring of the coin acceptor, so rewiring the base was time well spent.

The top half is where all the animatronics sit and so I added additional supports to the frame to preven it from moving.

The main challenge was the wiring of Zoltar himself. He does not liked to be moved on account of how delicate everything has been wired together. I knew this moment would come sometime down the line and so rolling up my sleeves spent the whole more checking connections and rewiring certain sections to make him work more reliably. 

He is now up and running again with the hope that he will last a little longer this time. When dismantling him ready to start the rebuild, I found that he had money inside him from people how had visited recently. In total there was £1.20, a sum that won't make me rich but hopefully with invitations to appear at local venues, my Zoltar cabinet could hopefully make a little more!


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