Single Wire Antenna Holder

After throwing myself down the shortwave listening rabbit hole, I'm really enjoying my Xhdata D808 radio whilst out and about. It has the capability of plugging in a single wire antenna to increase reception and this has proven to be very effective. I do find that the wire gets tangled up easily, especially if I'm carrying it in my pocket.. 

I modified a simple headphone holder so that it fits nicely into the radio case, preventing the antenna from getting tangled. It also serves as a convenient hook if I want to hang the wire from a tree branch.

If there are any SWL people out there who would like one, please email me at and I will send one out to you for free. I have limited funds but hopefully this contributes to making the internet a friendlier place.

For those wanting to 3d print their own, the file can be downloaded over on Thingiverse here.


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