Community Telephone Prototype

A prototype of the community telephone network for Salisbury has been built and here is a quick run through of some of the initial ideals with a video at the end of the post:

To properly present the idea, a kiosk was required to house the telephone in its intended surroundings. I'm currently trying to source a box or kiosk for later on but I wanted to try an build something temporary in the meantime and set to work cutting and reassembling an old set of drawers.

Then it was time to crack open a new can of paint, wire a few LEDs under the roof and install a small strip of white plastic to display the name of the project when it eventual has one and it's ready to be assembled and tested.

The video above goes through some of the initial ideas listed in the previous post. Some work better than others but this is main point of a prototype - to trial and refine ideas. A summary of the options are listed below.

Option 1: Making calls
Option 2: Mailbox
Option 3: Helplines
Option 4: AI Chatbot Operator
Option 5: Pirate Radio/Media Students' work
Option 6: Calling Payphones
Option 7: Salisbury Tour Guide
Option 8: Indie Business Offers/Events?
Option 9: Available

UPDATE: It has since evolved further. As I hunt for a BT payphone to integrate with, I wanted to try and produce a decent demonstration model to help explain the idea to people. So it was back to a medium that I really enjoy working with, cardboard and wood and before long, I had a dummy payphone of my own.


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