An old Raspberry Pi project of mine seems to be gathering in popularity once again. This is to do with turning a Pi Zero into a little FM transmitter. I had previously written a tutorial for it over at and I remember at the time being amazed at how many people viewed it on its first day of becoming featured on the site.

If you have an old model Raspberry Pi or a Pi Zero and stuck for something to do then this simple project might just be for you. It’s all based around number stations, relics of the Cold War that transmit cryptic messages to spies out in the field over shortwave. This tutorial shows how to broadcast your very own station over FM. Read it here.

Radio has been an interest of mine since I was very young but it's only now, over the last few years that I've been able to develop this interest further as my knowledge of electronics and software has grown.

My favourite of all has to be a little WebSDR box that I built, complete with a Morse code decoder. This allows me to listen in on ham radio broadcasts whilst fully mobile. I even added a retro looking handset to complete the look, the sillier a project is the better in my opinion. You can check out a quick video of it here:


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