Monday, 18 November 2019


After hours of tinkering, the arcade cabinet is finally complete and I love the way it has turned out. It started out as an idea and a heap of scrap wood (mainly from an old bed) and I basically made it up as I went along.
Inside is a tiny Pi Zero running Retropie which means there is a large amount of internal space to play around with if I ever decide to add things like a coin slot. The total cost of the build (minus the screen which is my tv from the bedroom that no longer has a bed – see above) the cabinet build has come it at around the £40 mark which I think is pretty good going. The most expensive elements of the build were the controls and the vinyl covering.

Some people have asked me for the plans but unfortunately I don’t have any, it was all built on the fly. I would love to make another one, learning from the mistakes made in this build and improving my woodworking skills. I also need to get some practice in order to beat my son at Street Fighter 2 first before I do any of that again.

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