I am about to host my very first event here in Salisbury. It's an idea that's been brewing for sometime and like most ideas of mine, if you don't take that first step and just crack on with implementing it then it'll never happen.

The event is based around Minecraft. This game just seems to be always gaining in popularity with my pupils (and even parent) so it made a great deal of sense to build on that interest as we attempt to construct the whole of Salisbury in the virtual Minecraft world.
Even at this early stage it has generated a great deal of interest in such a short space of time, I was even featured on TV last night.

After the announcement online, the event was fully booked up in a matter of hours. I have never known anything I’ve organised to gather pace so quickly the way this event did. As a result, the posters I had made to help boost interest weren’t required. Due to its popularity, the event will be run again next year, so the posters won’t go to waste. 

The lovely people at Salisbury Cathedral have kindly sent through the plans for their building. Realising that the cathedral is the starting point of the project, it is hugely important that it is built it in the correct proportions and to scale. These plans will help enormously, thank you!

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