I had a rare free hour and as there was a break in the weather I took the opportunity to venture outside to test the amateur radio receiver I built. I was able to pick up a few voice transmissions clearly and was enjoying the conversations.

The box (now named The Signalman) is relatively simple in design, comprising of a WebSDR receiver in which a waterfall of the signals it's picking up is displayed on screen. For those wanting to learn more and experience WebSDR  for themselves, you don't need any additional hardware to get started, just a web browser and an internet connection. I started out listening to the feed from the secret nuclear bunker over at Hackgreen as their 2m band always seemed to yield the best voice conversations. I still listen in even now and you can too by clicking here.

Back to The Signalman and I had installed a Morse Code translator that I purchased as a make your own kit from eBay, though ready-built receivers are also available if you struggle with soldering. Whilst out field testing (in a field I might add) the box managed to pick up its first Morse code transmission but struggled a little to translate it. Check out the video below for a quick demonstration of the receiver box.

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