I’m sad to say that one of my most fun projects, the hacked Furby is still sat on my shelf gathering dust. I occasionally fire him up to monitor my inbox and read out any new emails that drop in throughout the day. Sadly though as Pi boards are a valuable commodity in my house, Furby’s board tends to get used for other things which is a real shame.
I really want to progress this one further but I’m stuck for ideas at the moment and I’m hoping readers of this post will be able to offer up suggests as to how to improve him. If you have an idea, no matter how silly you may think it is I would love to hear it. It’s often the silly ideas that turn out to be best ones. 
Here’s a little video short of him reading out my emails. I’m using an old Raspberry Pi with espeak to do this though the speech synthesiser isn’t terribly great. I have yet to find a better one that’s as easy to use.


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