This is my app Droid Chat, it allows you to interact with my chatbot via your phone but it also allows you to bring a degree of interactivity to any build or toy (just hunt out previous videos of my BB8 toy). Droid Chat was an idea that came about after meeting prop makers at a comic con last year and it has taken many months and hours evolving the concept into what it is today.
A chatbot android app based around Star Wars droids.
My chatbot relies on people talking to it to improve its responses, so before I release it to the app store I would love it if people helped me train it. If any Android users out there would like a play with my Droid Chat app please just tap me up. It also comes with a few Easter eggs too such as voice controlled radio, predictions, jokes and story telling.
This was all made within App Inventor and is proof that you just need an idea to go out into the world and create. Hopefully this will inspire people to start building themselves. Have a go, you never know where it might lead.


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