A new kind of telephone network

Welcome to RocketTel, a new kind of telephone network with community at its heart. With telephone boxes disappearing from our UK streets daily, RocketTel aims to repurpose the decommissioned payphones, breathing new life into them and hopefully saving the telephone boxes from extinction whilst creating a unique network that benefits the community.

About the Project
RocketTel's aim is to repurpose decommissioned payphones, creating a new kind of telephone network that offers the following features. Salisbury is the proposed city to launch with a view to expand shortly after.
  • Option 1: Free phone calls for registered members
  • Option 2: Free mailboxes for registered members
  • Option 3: Help and support lines
  • Option 4: Chat with Operator AI (Watch my TEDx talk)
  • Option 5: Dial-a-Disc
  • Option 6: Phone a random phone box
  • Option 7: The Salisbury tour guide
  • Option 8: Offers and discounts in the city
  • Option 9: The Apology Line
You can read about the payphone conversion process here.
Mental Health Awareness
Not only is RocketTel's operator able to phone random telephone boxes in a bid to create conversions across the UK, it is also able to phone large groups of numbers all at the same time. 
There are certain times of the year when people are at their most vulnerable. There is so much data out there that particular hours in the year can be flagged as periods of time when suicide rates are at their highest. RocketTel proposes to ring as many phone boxes as possible at these times, playing messages of hope and reflection to whoever answers the call and RocketTel is working with support organisations to develop this message.
Your Help is Needed
After a recent appeal for payphone telephone numbers, volunteers up and down the country have helped verify hundreds of active UK payphone telephone numbers but there are so many number still to verify and collect. If you happen to discover an active payphone on your travels then please email the number into this address:
Want to Know More About How It's Done?
At the core of RocketTel is the AI operator. I have been coding chatbots for a number of years now and have even hosted a TED talk about them here. If you would like to have a go at creating your own or are looking for for ways to use mine, then the below links maybe of some use.


Chatterbox is an attempt to bring together all the best parts of my previous chatbot builds and simplify the sharing process. You can have a conversation with the latest version and grab a copy of the code for this project here.


I also had a go at installing a version of my voice activated chatbot into a droid. This is the result.


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