I enjoy making games and the creative process that's involved in developing an idea. You can play some of my games in my online arcade here: rocketgames.co.uk

Taco Cat

Taco Cat is a difficult platformer where you have to safely navigate the cactus mazes that are put in your way. You can also toggle the gravity to add another dimension to the challenge.


Circles is a game with a rather retro feel to it. I wanted to recreate a this one in the style of the games that I grew up with. The idea of this game is to see how long you can contain the moving shapes.


You can now play the popular Plop game. Now with a Halloween skin, see if you can clear a route for the young trick-or-treater.  


The aim of this game is to save the planet by directing the moon using the arrow keys to intercept the incoming meteorites.


Work has started on a game idea that I’ve had for a number if years. Titled Number Station, this game of cat and mouse is set during the Cold War. Communicate with spies out in the field, transmitting coded messages via the use of the mysterious number stations to accomplish tasks and save the world.


My preferred platform is Android and currently have a number of apps in the Play store. Explore the gallery to learn more about some of my previous side projects.


I have sourced a number of tips to do with game development over the years and have brought them all together in a zine called Virtually Anything. Download, print and make your own copy for free here.

Amateur Radio Foundation Licence

Radio has always been an interest of mine from a young age and it's probably the main reason why so many radio related projects feature ...