I have been building chatbots for a number of years now and here are a few of the more successful builds. If you would like further details on any of these projects then please just drop me a line.


Chatterbox is an attempt to bring together all the best parts of my previous chatbot builds and simplify the sharing process. You can have a conversation with the latest version and grab a copy of the code for this project here.


Woggle was a simple ai/chatbot/personal assistant. You didn’t need any coding experience to enjoy Woggle as it was able to boot straight out of the box, allowing you to chat and interact right away.

I enjoyed making Woggle immensely and despite being superseded by my other chatbots, I still have a build sat on my bookcase.


I had a go at installing a version of my voice activated chatbot into a droid. This is the result.


I have always said that a good idea will lead you on many adventures. The video below proves just that, as my chatbots and I embark on an interesting journey involving Star Wars actors and droid builders.

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